Tuesday, 17 January 2017

“From 2.5 to 6 lacs per annum, DSIM made it all possible.”- Shashanka Manakonduru

An interesting session with Shashanka Manakonduru, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, Digital Marketing Media Head with Paanini Ad Ventures, Hyderabad.
Read on the post to know his  DSIM Review and how DSIM helped him to get a 6 lacs/annum job offer.

Q1. Hi Shashanka,great to hear you got a job offer with Paanini Ad Venturs, Hyderabad. Let us know the details and also a bit more about you.

Ans.Thanks! Yes, I recently grabbed a job offer with Paanini Ad Ventures as the Digital Media Marketing Head. My indeed thanks to you people.

I am a B.Tech CSE graduate from JNTUH. I started as a freelance Content Writer, making contribution to a few National and International newspapers. Later on joined ‘My Home Group’ wherein I was into System Administration, handling typical IT works. Somehow, the experiences in calculation helped me to understand the subject energetically.

Q2. A very obvious question, why digital marketing even after being an Engineer? Why you went for this career alternative?

Ans. It’s all about Passion, Belief and Desire. I always wished to learn Digital Marketing and so, went for it.

Q3. You belong to Hyderabad; let us know why you chose DSIM when there were other digital marketing training institutes present in your own city?

Ans. Trust me, I have many answers to share with, yet I’ll be precise. It’s because DSIM has really showed its strength in Delhi and this is further being carried to other cities. And, the course curriculum has been a reason too. What DSIM’s training covers, not a single Digital Marketing training program in India does.

Also, one more factor which drove my attention was DSIM’s blog and the mails which I receive in my inbox. Entirely killer information and subject lines!

Q4. So, how was the journey with DSIM?

Ans.I for myself believe that the standard DSIM has, no other institutes can have it. Great trainers with great curriculum! I see the experience as a transformational leap in my career. All because of resources DSIM has. Overall it has been a learning procedure laying my personal growth.

Q5. This is really incredible, a jump from 2.5 to 6 lacs per annum. Did you find DSIM’s training helped you to get the offer?

Ans. It’s amazing! Absolutely! I wasn’t sure about it, yet was having a firm belief that it would happen one day. DSIM’s training program helped me in seeking the knowledge and the technical stuff. And, I was able to win over the interviewers out there.

Q6. How was the interview procedure; just to get an introductory idea?

Ans. I had previously worked as a part time Content Writer for Paanini Ad Ventures. They have really liked my work. With the clue that I have gotten DSIM’s digital marketing certification, one of the personnel got in touch with me. Then, I appeared for the interview.

Q7. What helped you most to get this surprising hike in your CTC?

Ans. The knowledge that came from the interactive sessions held by trainers at DSIM.

Q8. What would you prefer to give while rating DSIM’s training program (1-10 marks)?

Ans. Calculating the overall experience, I will give 9 out of 10. Not less than this!

Q9. What you see your future has for you?

Ans. I would be ready for any opportunity if it comes under my stance.  And, I wish to have my own Logistics venture, so would preferably invest and work towards this project in nearby future.

Q10. What you think of Digital Marketing and what are the benefits it will bring with the years?

Ans. Digital marketing is the thriving sector now. And very soon the remote areas of our country will also get conquered by this. What I guess is within coming 6-8 years, we will start living a complete digital life.

Q11. Your suggestion to individuals who wish to find bigger career opportunities, altogether with big names?

Ans. If you want to be successful or you want to earn more, be Different! Do differently!! And you will see the difference!!! And if you want to make your career in Digital Marketing or any sector as per your preference; leave all the conditional excuses and focus on your dream.

Q12. Your message to young fellows who wish to get ahead in digital marketing?

Ans. Learn more to earn more! Digital Marketing has already become the biggest thing, make your goals and stick on to it. This is relatively the only future of marketing and you cannot hop over it.

Q13. In one sentence if you have to say something about DSIM?

Ans. The best Digital Marketing Institute in India.

It was really great to have a candid conversation with you! Best of luck for your future!

Monday, 16 January 2017

“DSIM has uncovered the actual learning to me.” – Ridhima Sethi

An interesting  talk with Ridhima Sethi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, working as a Social Media Analyst with Design Solutions. 
Our conversation with Ridhima, DSIM Ex-Trainee, where she discloses her DSIM Review and ideas for the future.

Q1. Hi Ridhima, we would request you to introduce yourself to our readers.

Ans. I am an Engineer (Electronics & Communication). After completing my degree, I joined digital marketing course at DSIM. And, post training got a good opportunity with ‘Design solutions’ as a ‘Social Media Analyst’.

Q2. Primarily an Engineer and then, a Digital Marketer. Can we know the reason initiating this blend?

Ans. I always had minimal interest towards IT sector. Digital Marketing is something which I always felt fascinated for. Seeing the present demand & opportunities, decided to go for it.

Q3. Why Digital Marketing training from DSIM?

Ans. When I was searching for a good Digital Marketing institute, I came to know about DSIM. I got really impressed with the certifications it offers and the course curriculum. It’s really detailed and apt for marketers who wish to step up their marketing knowledge.

Q4. Let us give a brief insight; how you got this job offer?

Ans. Initially, Design Solutions was looking for an SEO intern. The internship was for 3 months. I appeared for the interview and got selected. Later on finding me skilled enough for Social Media responsibilities, they offered me this opportunity.The biggest benefit of joining DSIM was that I gained knowledge of maximum modules of digital marketing.

Q5. Please share the experience you had with DSIM.

Ans. It was great. Today, I found myself as the learned person with knowledge and confidence. The training helped me to get familiar with practicality and in digital marketing it makes a great sense to have practical info.

Q6. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. Definitely 8 out of 10! At DSIM, trainers remain available and keen to aid trainees with the best of career assistances.

Q7. It would be really great to know about your future plans, will you?

Ans. Yeah sure! I want to make it big in Digital World and somehow feel that with DSIM’s help (as the abilities & skills they have imparted into me); I will be able to do so.

Q8. Digital marketing has become a great industry today, what would be your views on this?

Ans. Digital marketing has great future in India as it is growing worthily. And, advantages & opportunities present in the sphere will inspire us to become more & more digital.

Q9. Your message to young fellows looking forward to make a career in this industry.

Ans. I would suggest them to go for professional training. This will help you understand the basics of the subject and so, you will get the needed conceptualized grasp.

Q10. In a few words, Digital Marketing Training at DSIM?

Ans. “DSIM has uncovered the actual learning to me.”

Ridhima Sethi completed her Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in October 2015.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

“DSIM’s training has brought bigger opportunities for my business.”

An Interview with Tarun Modi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Director, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd.
 In our latest interview, we had Tarun Modi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Director, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. Read on the post to know how he is rolling out changes & contributions to his 50 years old family business through digital marketing.  He share his future goals and few DSIM reviews as well.

Q1. Welcome Tarun! It would be surely great to know more about your education and current business?

Ans. Thank you for having me here! I have done BBA from JIMS; thereafter, Communication Design from Pearly Academy and then, Digital Marketing Training at DSIM. I have also pursued a course in photography from Sri Aurobindo Center for Craft and Communication.
I am handling my family business, Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. and the company is into IT Hardware and System Integration. We have our offices in Delhi, Punjab, Bombay, Hyderabad, Haryana and UP. This company is 50 years old and its turnover is around 180 cr. Along with, we run an e-commerce portal ‘axlworld’ from where you can buy best quality electronics & gadgets.

Q2. Being into customary family business, you decided to learn Digital Marketing. Why so and what was the reason that you chose DSIM?

Ans. It’s been around 5 years I took upon the responsibilities. In recent times, marketing has reached up to the digital level and businesses need to adapt this change. I learnt it to lure more benefits in my business. The approach is really economical and has incredible breadth for any business.
I was searching for a good Digital Marketing institute and one of my friends pursued digital marketing course from DSIM and he suggested me to go for it. The feedback was all positive and so, I went there.

Q3. What you have understood of Digital Marketing and do you think it will keep on pushing marketing reforms in upcoming days?

Ans. Digital marketing has officially grown a lot. Social Media platforms/Search Engines have brought great many changes for brands & consumers. The approach has become exceedingly productive to bring on expanded incomes.
And, the future will bring its increased appeal and productivity. We aren’t left with any alternative; this is a term you have to get familiar with.

Q4. Do you think there is something specific in Digital Marketing that lets you gain benefits? If yes, let us know the details?

Ans. Every business has different sorts of marketing needs. When we do it, we make sure to choose the one that best suits us.
We emphasize upon SEO and backlinks. It is imperative for our target audience to find us and seeing the bigger competition, and we make sure to be present.
Discussing of online promotions, we keep separation from paid ones. SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing are our chosen strategy types.

Q5. Are there other individuals in your team bringing effective digital measures for you? Also, how much do you bring about as your budget towards this?

Ans. Absolutely! We have a team of digital professionals who handle marketing exercises. SEO, Backlinks Blogging, Email Marketing activities are performed by them. To discuss spending, we contribute around 45k on an average every month.

Q6. So, how was your journey with DSIM? What would you list as your major learning here?

Ans. There have always been instances of satisfaction. I learnt from basics and got a conceptualized handle on knowledge.
I really loved the Traffic Generation and Blogging part. One of the trainers, Karan Sharma was indeed supportive in explaining topics.

Q7. What growth figure are you targeting within the upcoming years?

Ans. This is a business being nurtured by my grandparents and parents. Now, I am representing the existing period i.e. of digital era. Today, marketing asks for altered strategic needs and we work considering these.
Within next 5 years, we wish Modi Infosol (P) Ltd. to become an 800 cr. company.

Q8. Summing up it here, we would request for your message to young marketers.

Ans. I would suggest you to do a lot of self-learning. A course helps you to have best of the knowledge and self-learning keeps it within yourself. Also, when you act with clarity and with the purest of motives, you definitely see the results.

Great thanks, Tarun!
Tarun Modi completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in February 2016.
Source: http://dsim.in/blog/

Thursday, 5 January 2017

“DSIM’s training program is Informative, Brilliant and Fruitful.”- Karan Kapoor

Meet Karan Kapoor, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Founder of ‘EducationInsta’, an Online Education portal.
Get to know here how this professional is working to bridge the gap present in Indian Education System.

Q1. We welcome you Karan. Please let us know a little more about yourself and your startup, ‘EducationInsta’.

Ans. Hello Everyone! To start with; I did my Engineering from Amity University and am currently working as an IT Engineer with Cisco Partner. I have previously worked with companies like Airtel. Along with, I have started my own company ‘EducationInsta’. This is an online portal where students & parents can search Schools, Playschools, Grades, Universities, Colleges around the world. Our office is located in Noida and we are a team of 15-20 people.

Q2. Why you chose education sphere. Basically we want to get insights of inspiration that helped you start EducationInsta?

Ans. Why this; because I see there is a huge gap in education system in India. 1 and half year back, I was sitting in my room and there were three of my friends. We started like “Hume to pata hi nahi tha ki hume 10th k baad kya subjects lene hain, papa bol rahe hain beta Engineer ban jaao, mummy bol rahi hain beta Doctor ban jaao.” Seeking the demand I took combined.
I started giving it a thought that there should be a system where children can go and find out the career answers with their own consent. So, to meet the purpose, we came up with EducationInsta.

Q3. Yeah! Secret got revealed. Now, let us know why you chose Digital Marketing Training and on top of it why DSIM?

Ans. Ok! Yes, it’s true that most of the people see things on roads, but right now our target audience are individuals who are studying. Majority of people have mobile devices, schools and universities are asking students to bring their own devices which we name as ‘BYOD’. There is nothing better platforms than Online, Social Media, and Internet to reach to millions of users. So, Digital Marketing obviously. We need business; we need to let people know about us.
Let me tell you when I searched digital marketing course in Delhi, the first name I got was of DSIM. At the point it was clear that people who have this sort of marketing capabilities, they will definitely help us to learn & grow. And, yes obviously I read the available DSIM reviews & all and also asked people. Obviously, there are mix & mix sort of availabilities. I saw DSIM’s campaigns on YouTube, Google, Facebook and for initial 15-20 days kept on seeing these. And final thought was that these people are really good, “Charity begins from home; aap apna khud ka accha kar rahe ho to mera to hoga hi hoga.”

Q4. Do you think that DSIM’s training has helped you to come up with your current project or in enhancing your existing business strategies? If yes, let us know in details?

Ans. Absolutely yes! Earlier I had no clue how to use Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. for the branding purpose. Now, I have the broader spectrum. To name a trainer, Karan Sharma is brilliant. We went there to learn marketing and I am doing it right now.
Before joining DSIM, I was making normal Facebook and YouTube pages with no content at all. I had no clue about Google Crawlers; what they are; how the strategy works in organic listing.
Now, we know how exceptionally SEO works and are using keywords on daily basis. I was taking care of the entire work; now I have a segregated team with Social Media, SEO, Content, etc. departments.
DSIM helped me know how to grow in my business. We are getting more and more views daily on our websites, more and more registrations also.

Q5. Digital Marketing; what you think of it and which sort of calculations it will bring in nearby future?

Ans. Considering the business point of view, digital marketing can take your business from 10% to 80%.
Today, everyone is moving to digital platforms; you have smart mobiles, smart TVs. You can do your works online. And, when everything & everyone is online, you can’t afford to be on roads. It’s needed to work on your marketing strategies and there are plenty of things you need to learn in digital marketing and if you are not accompanying the skills, don’t hope for your business getting scaled up.
Seeing the growth the industry has seen within last 1-2 years, Education system will completely get changed. Everything will become digital. It’s not like that changes will take place; these have already started taking place and in future, these will get on to be better & improved. And, eventually you can see the transformation to make India digital. The future is really bright.

Q6. Do you use digital marketing to gain benefits in your business? If yes, what are the strategies?

Ans. To talk of digitally, we have a big team of content and Infographics. These are crafted on regular basis and we tag known institutes. Also, we do send flyers to schools & colleges and request them to come & register themselves on our portal and get most out of it. It’s actually working. There are big names that have started following us.
There are different ways to do the branding and we are practicing the sorted ones.
Education is a huge sphere and we keep on improving our presence. To say in fewer words, we are focusing on Infographics, content and advertisements. Though to say, somehow we also do Traditional marketing in a limited way.

Q7. While doing marketing, which is your favorite platform?

Ans. To say favorites; mine are basically three and I cannot differentiate among them. First is content; if you are coming up with good content, people will come and read your websites/blogs. The first impression is the last impression and if you are not impressive with your content, you won’t be able to make people stop & read you.
Secondly, SEO and Social Media are on the same number. If you are doing Social Marketing you need to work on your keywords also while putting some content and in those content it should be SEO.

Q8. How much you keep as your budget to invest into your digital marketing strategies?

Ans. I have just completed the entire learning and to be very honest, we are spending around 20% on it. It comes as approx. 30-40 k on an average every month.

Q9. Have you received any sort of funding or are looking for? We just want to know the secrets of your finance management?

Ans. Of course, why not! We are three partners; all three are working and we are getting this fund from our salaries. Yes, for sure everybody needs investment. But, right now we are focusing on making a huge database; 70-80% has been achieved and hopefully, we will achieve our target very soon. Then, we will move towards investment.

Q10. It would be grateful to know your experience with DSIM and with how many points you will rate the training program (on a scale of 1-10)?

Ans. Yes, experience is quite fruitful; I have learnt a lot. The intro about marketing was delivered in an exceptional way and I would say it worked to create a spark in us to learn further. In fewer words, slowly & gradually we grew from a KG std. to 10th Std. From learning point of view, really a decent job by DSIM.
I am happy that I spent that much money and have no regrets why I joined DSIM. I have already recommended two friends and one of them has joined. So, Informative, Brilliance and Fruitful are the words to illustrate the training program.It is one of the best Digital Marketing Institutes present in India.
To say, “Earlier we were like amateurs now we are semi-pro. I won’t say professional because you become this by undertaking job/business responsibilities.”

Q11. Glad to know your experience at DSIM! Moving ahead, where you want to see ‘EducationInsta’ in the upcoming years?

Ans. In Digital Marketing I‘ll say if somebody comes and search anything related to education, I want EducationInsta link to come on top. Not paid ups; paid ups can anyone do. I want this in organic listing. I wish that individuals across the country whenever seeking an answer of “Hamare bacche ko kya karna chahiye?” without any doubt they should come to our portal. The sort of repute Google has in search, I want it for EducationInsta. And, I am sure we’ll be able to do it keeping most of the information.

Q12. Great vision! Your message for young individuals who want to shape up their career in Digital marketing or in Entrepreneurship.

Ans. “If you are creative, a good & out of the box thinker and want to contribute to Indian Market, you should go ahead. If you have that zeal to improve and work here and you wish to improve your dollar rates in terms of Indian currency, you should step forward. At present, marketing is getting huge investment which is giving a boost to job opportunities and simultaneously to Indian Market. There are heaps of opportunities for creative people. We have numbers of doctors and engineers; now we need marketers, good marketers. So, I would suggest digital marketing as this is the new big thing.”
It was great talking to you Karan. Best of luck for all your future undertakings.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How the “Jugaad” propensity of we Indians drove a 23 years old young entrepreneur to venture into the E-commerce gifting business?

With regards to Entrepreneurship, every last stride considers as it continues overcoming issues between the generation of thought and its effective execution. Dealing with gap existing across the business sector truly needs a conceptualized and visionary methodology.
Today we are going to examine the measures taken to show up and wander a special plan of action furnishing individuals with chances to benefit unique gifts for their friends and family. The greatest test in maintaining a business is to deal with the distinction amongst what your product does and how really people use it. Perhaps, the contextual investigation showed here would put the focus on how the offering is attempted rather than what it looks and feels like in documentation.
The greatest amazement is that this idea has been brought into presence by a DSIM ex-learnerMr. Aman Hans. He learnt Digital Marketing at DSIM and came up with an online store ‘bigsmall.in‘, which helps individuals remain bashful from dull, customary gifts and move onto creative and unique gifts subject to their individual interest.
Every one of the items have a special recommendation; outlined, designed and sourced thinking how the item/gift will give the client a glad face and make him/her grin. The possibility that gave Aman this idea was of jugaad propensity of Indians. Yes, seeing episodes around him, where individuals used to jugaad for their day-today items, rather than having the arrangements, he thought of bigsmall.in.
The Beginning
An Engineer in Computer Science from IP University Mr. Aman Hans has dependably had energy for playing football and concentrating on C++ in the midst of his studies. With the random concept of following the crowd, Aman wished to pursue Economic Hons. followed by MBA, yet in the end arrived up to study Engineering. Amid his course of study, he lacked intrigue however proceeded with his instruction.
On completion of his degree, he started applying for Masters in foreign universities but as said in due course realized that he should gain some corporate experience before heading for his Masters. Being a football monstrosity, he began doing Internship with a sports firm as a Game Manager and started organizing Cricket and Football tournaments.
Eventually, Aman started taking interest in running of E-commerce ventures. He took case of big market names such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, and started spending a lot of time around Internet Space. This led his interest move towards the industry and thus, started seeking a job in the same.
Being a Web adroit individual, he began discovering interest towards digital marketing with inquiries going over in his psyche about the whole model and idea that the e-trade locales typically take after.
The Learning Phase at DSIM
While endeavoring to know more about Internet Marketing and emerging Digital Marketing institutes, he saw DSIM’s link on first position on the web. What he comprehended was that if a Digital Marketing training company is teaching SEO and with advancement comes at first rank among indexed lists, is a name that he ought to run with. From that point, Aman kicked into DSIM and off taking in the most required modules of Digital Marketing. The educational programs started from site creation and afterward, proceeded with the other way around. He was having a little information prior, however DSIM was something that drove him to increase point by point and conceptualized learning of the subject.
The thought of discovering bigsmall.in came when he sought after a point by point examine and began discovering what else is passing up a major opportunity in the business sector and that everyone needs. The complete world was running bizarre and with an understanding that there is a need, he chose to think of this project. As DSIM educational program is an immaculate mix of theoretical information alongside viable presentation, Aman got the chance to infer all the learning obliged into his online undertaking, bigsmall.in.
It was learning grasped at DSIM that helped him to land a position at 91mobiles, where he learnt a great deal about Internet Marketing. At DSIM, he came to know every one of the edges of advanced advertising, be it online networking or email promotion or you tube marketing and this helped him to effectively run his business enterprise wander.
As he says, “In the wake of seeking after training at DSIM, I turned out to be certain to venture into E-commerce industry and helped me realize what I need to do with my life.”
Working Along a Newer Model
Subsequent to performing detailed study, Aman came up to selecting accessories and realizing the world is big to small things or simply receiving in a way that the small things most of the time offer you the biggest pursuits of happiness, brought bigsmall.in into presence.
In the midst of the month November 2015, he and his elder brother at long last chose to wrap up different tasks and grabbed bigsmall.in as their major concern. He saw that the site is witnessing increased traffic as they utilized online channels for doing the promotions. It was somewhat troublesome for them to work along this current model as the items present on their site were not sought one but a greater amount of revelation items.
The majority of the items is enormously customized and is one of a kind in their outline and ease of use, so it’s impractical for clients to discover them amid inquiry. The duo understood that they need to offer answers for people regarding their everyday prerequisites with particular points. They wish to offer something, something subject to people’s interests rather than traditional items like teddy bears, chocolates and others. Bigsmall.in tries to take care of every day issues with peculiarity in the things displayed.
The end goal is that clients have a smile when they open the bigsmall bundle. Gifts coming up with personalized messages and emotions not only make the receiver happy, as well as make them understand that the gift has been particularly intended for him. The items are that they add to the joy of individuals and are not supposed to get purchased each day. Fusing feelings into business and with an idea to come up as a fun brand, bigsmall.in is truly doing great in the stream.
Defeating the Difficulties
Aman says that it has been his preeminent expectation that the products offered must be seen by individuals. There has been request and supply issue, yet we as a group are attempting to tackle it. In the midst of the technique, there has been a great deal of hiccups. To cut the expenses, to do the bundling assignments, to make a venture and others, have been very conclusive exercises. Indeed, even to get items delivered safely has been an incredible test. Aman says, “Yes, we are battling couple of things, yet at the same time a ton has changed.”
Bigsmall.in is developing on a steady pace and at present has 190 items listed on its site. Stock administration has likewise been an issue. They have been utilizing their own space as distribution centers. Sometimes, clients place orders by means of cash on delivery and after that, reject the items.
In this way, another huge issue is of collecting payments, however yes with putting in endeavors, bigsmall.in is bit by bit leaving these issues. Presently, the firm has held hands with two or three new businesses and has tied up with few known logistics, raising advantageous and trouble-free conveyance methodology. Generally, this is a vital part of a business and bigsmall.in is attempting to put in upbeat components through the items exhibited.
Bootstrapping and Figuring Out the Achievements
bigsmall dsim dsim
Maintaining an enterprise business includes various strategies and as known bootstrapping and discovering the accomplishments become vital. If there has aroused an occurrence of bigsmall.in, online networking procedures have assumed an extraordinary part. The expectation lying behind is of commending every day of life through items offered and after that, to get discussed. The endeavor hasn’t gotten any speculator till date and the whole venture is being going with the organizer’s method for understanding and monetary assets.
The idea of bigsmall.in is that if a client is searching for something remarkable, peculiar, distinctive items for gifting purposes, he should be provided with that. It’s a one of a kind corner and needs individuals get identified with it.
Amid the discussion, Aman tosses light on an extremely critical point that however there are various channels for performing marketing tasks, it strictly gets to be essential to recognize those appropriate for your own specific business. He includes there is Twitter for instance and has a greater amount of textual nature or ongoing discussions, but is not appropriate for making bigsmall.in promotions. On the contrary, Facebook or Instagram are stages where a greater amount of photographs and content are shared and to make individuals mindful with the bigsmall.in, the methodology gives accentuation on utilizing content as a part of advertising, enabling us to use these channels in majority. Pinterest is additionally there picking up a spot across the Indian market and is an awesome stage for sharing content.
Amid initials, the advancement undertakings were done utilizing individual associations, asking for companions and their companions to take after the name on Facebook .i.e. to grow organically. He shares that at first he used to play out the tasks all alone be it accepting orders or doing the packaging. Later on as the time developed, he got connected with shipping partners and also hired some of the office boys to take care of the packaging activities. They began sourcing bundling materials as well. As far as deals and requests are concerned, earlier he used to get a couple orders in a few days i.e. 7-8 orders in a week. In the wake of putting in endeavors as far as promoting the name on Facebook and Instagram, it expanded the natural activity through referrals and content that they set up on online networking stages. Presently, the name closes maximum deliveries in a year.
One year back, it was one request in 2-3 days where as right now they are shutting 20-25 orders in a day. The development has been moderate however enduring too. Likewise, the man says that he utilizes some bit of conventional showcasing as the both, customary and digital marketing goes hand in hand.
What makes the working phenomenon at bigsmall.in interesting is that the team carries personal communication with clients. Mr. Aman says that at this stage, we can deal with clients’ close to taking care of grievances and so, we go personally and have an individual correspondence with each of the clients once they place the order and the other after delivery to know their fulfillment level in the wake of getting the item.
Customer Satisfaction becomes the Game Changer
Maximum of the clients of bigsmall.in are to the great degree content with the items that they have been getting in the way. The strategy followed at bigsmall.in drives minimal costing along with maximum output. Under the basic infrastructure, the brand is trying to accomplish maximum of business tasks on its own, embraced with instinct of utmost customer satisfaction. Clients show responsive behavior on receiving calls as they come across personalized experiences.
What are Bigsmall.in’s future plans?
With the initiative at its forefront, bigsmall.in is pushing forward to wind up more stupendous and greater. They are working ahead to make their clients’ experience advanced and idiosyncratic.
Since beginning, the founder has put up his salaries and income received and now shares a plan to take it to expanded level. Also, there have been hired a couple of interns to accomplish many more tasks on own.
Learning Restrained
The success of bigsmall.in conveys a lot and the founder, a DSIM ex-trainee Mr. Aman Hans says that “Don’t jump into anything, build slowly, validate, and talk to people who are in the business and get some advice; listen to all but do what your heart yearns for.” This conceptualized approach really stands tall as before stepping into any new venture or task, one should make the proper study and proceed moderately.

Monday, 12 December 2016

10 ways to boost your Direct Marketing campaign

The backbone of direct marketing is how it is executed. The approach can be either B2B or B2C. It involves interactive communication between the end user and producer. It becomes the most targeted tactic as potential customers can be reached on the basis of geography and demographics.
The top 10 most effective strategies to apply in your direct marketing campaign are wrapped up here:  
  1. Identify the right objective:
Before running a campaign, make sure that it leads to the prospect you want to achieve with it. Intend to set specific objectives with your way of marketing for your short and long term plans. It depends on the target market that which method you should apply to accomplish your goals.
  1. Get to know about your target market:
It is the most important element in the marketing strategy. A clear definition about the target market helps you reach potential customers. Set the target according to the different segments; demographic, behavioral, geographic and psychographic. This way you get to know which customer category can get attracted towards your products and services.
  1. Analyze and evaluate the response:
The percentage response doesn’t matter much, what does is whether you are able to generate better potential leads or not.  You need to constantly test the approach you are using to reach out to your audience. So, further you can evaluate your performance and make changes accordingly.
  1. Strong communication with customers:
Communications is one of the major components of direct marketing. With the help of communications, customer relations improve. Those who rely more on one-time sale don’t end up having them as permanent customers. To maintain a long term relationship with the clients serve them with the best. This helps the brand to use the existing audience for other campaigns too.
  1. Frequency of the direct marketing:
One should always set a limit to make sure that how many times a particular message is to be dropped. Frequency plays an important role as it helps you know in how many attempts you get a response from the customer. All we need to do is to contact them again with a hope that they might show interest in the goods, products or services provided by you. Determine an ideal frequency for campaign before running it. A consistent presence helps you in urging the clients to look forward to your offer.
  1. Proper execution of the plan:
Before running a campaign there are certain points you need to take care of. The proper execution of the plan is as important as the plan itself. The co-ordination and communication between all the activities is necessary to gain profit from it. A strategy without execution is a complete waste of time.
  1. Maximize response levels:
In order to generate more number of responses from your direct marketing draft a message giving a clear cut idea about your objective. Offer incentives like prizes or discounts this helps in increasing the rate of response. The higher is the response level, the more number of people you bring in. To maximize it use different and distinctive approaches.
  1. Manage the budget:
The necessity of financial control is very important to earn profit from direct marketing. This way of marketing is mostly expensive so you need to make sure that the cost spend per person is achieved. Always view your customers individually to maintain a long term relationship. The life time value of a customer can be maintained by using these tactics.
  1. Always apply a unique approach:
Every time you run a direct marketing campaign keep in mind that your approach must be different from the one you used last time to reach out audience.  Your unique and consistent efforts help you targeting the right customers. This makes you stand out from other marketers and more number of people get attracted towards your offer. You can also approach new customers this way.
  1. Satisfy your customer needs:
Your main aim should be satisfying the various needs of customers. Maintaining a long lasting relationship with clients helps you earn long term benefits from them. One should always cultivate the present customers, reactivate the past ones and look out for new ones.
Writer corner:
The post has been written by ‘Ariba Khan’, working as a content writer at ‘Delhi School of Internet Marketing’, a premier Digital Marketing Institute that offers digital marketing course. She has a knack for writing and continues sharing her views on Digital Marketing topics. To know DSIM in detail, you can log on to its website/read DSIM reviews accessible on the web.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

DSIM imparts the genuine skills of a Digital Marketer

An Interview with Nidhi Abraham, DSIM’s Ex-trainee
Our conversation with Nidhi, DSIM Ex-Trainee, where she discloses her experience with DSIM, ideas for the future and her DSIM review.

Q1. Hi Nidhi, you have done B.com & MBA (Marketing & IB) one-to-one, still preferred digital marketing training at DSIM. Let us know the motivation that worked to drive you towards this?

Ans. I completed MBA in Marketing & IB and in recent times digital Marketing training at DSIM. DSIM has worked as a big platform for me. On completion of MBA, I searched for jobs, yet wasn’t able to find the one as per my necessities. Some of my friends who have already been into the stream suggested me to go for Digital Marketing training.It’s an industry today that brings possibilities for a promising career. And the reason is apparent; Indian Market is seen as the profligate sphere in an online world and holds huge job opportunities for skilled professionals.

Q2. Wonderful! We are curious to know; “Why DSIM over other institutes?”

Ans. Before getting enrolled into DSIM’s program, I researched about other Digital Marketing institutes & tried to find out maximum information reading reviews and checking out websites, however found that DSIM has earned more of the success stories, backed by its value-added curriculum.Digital marketing sounds really interesting. I called up on the DSIM Helpline no. and one of the counselors helped me to know everything about the scope of digital marketing. I joined Online batch in April, 2016. That’s how I selected upon DSIM which proved to be a wise decision.

Q3. Nidhi, did you find DSIM placement helpful?

Ans. Definitely! It feels really glad to become a part of DSIM. Training and Placement cell works tremendously. They keep on chasing you providing best of the career/job opportunities and it seems like the amount of efforts they bring into is for their own career development. I received great many opportunities to prepare myself, thanks to the inspiring trainers over there who helped me to discover the skilled abilities.

Q4. Great Nidhi! Digital marketing has become an industry in demand. What`s your viewpoint on this?

Ans. The possibilities of the stream are really vast. The Importance of online media has increased as it is cost-effective and has wider reach. Now, brands/businesses can reach targeted audience worldwide which was not so convenient through Traditional media.Upsurge that we are seeing has given birth to excellent job openings. The best part is that if you are an online marketer you can work sitting at home as per your convenience. Blogging, freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, etc. are a few of the ways that can help you to do so.

Q5. Now, we would like to know about your overall training experience?

Ans. My experience with DSIM has been superb. The most significant benefit we received is the ability to deal with the difficulties coming along in professional terms. They teach you imparting maximum efficiency. Throughout the training, I was provided with great amount of support and guidance from DSIM staff and trainers. And, when you remain in initials of anything, the experienced suggestions and aids actually create a huge difference, making you capable enough to pave your own way.

Q6. What would you choose to give while rating DSIM’s training program, ranging from 1-10?

Ans. Not less than 10! This is well-defined as DSIM is a name that speaks of training excellence. The kind of trainers the institute has; experienced and ready to solve the queries of students, the support; always at toe to bring forth convenience and opportunities to trainees, the curriculum; teaching you vital modules of digital marketing along with practical exposure, is there anything that you would probably ask for while joining an institute for digital marketing training; I don’t think so.

Q7. It was pleasure talking to you. Before summing up around, please share your message to individuals across?

Ans. When you choose career, the most reasonable aspect driving you to step into the sphere should be your passion. When you find interest in your work, you love to be there. And, so I suggest individuals to go for digital marketing if they really seek interest into it, not just seeing the hype. There isn’t any specific way to make someone a digital marketer. You actually become the one when you know to play with the creative aspect of Marketing and this is the reason why I recommended DSIM to the individuals. The name actually helps you learn how to make the game and then, to win it i.e. all of digital marketing.
Well said! Passion & interest is what one should look for while deciding upon a profession.
The digital marketing career becomes productive for individuals who adore creativity and enjoy a spirit to attain familiarity with the online world.
Wish you tons of luck for your future undertakings.
Nidhi Abraham completed her Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2016.