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“DSIM has superb trainers and they are helpful and encouraging. – Abhinandan Kumar”


An interesting talk with Abhinandan Kumar, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and an SEO Executive at Value4brand, a leading Online Reputation and Digital PR company in India.
Read on the complete interview to know the DSIM reviews and how inspiring DSIM’s journey has been for him.

Q1. Hello Abhinandan! Tell us a little about your education & job experiences?

Ans. Thanks! I did my MBA (Information Technology) and after completing it, pursued digital marketing training at DSIM. Post training, got a worthy opportunity with‘Value4brand’, to work as an SEO Executive.

Q2. Good to hear that! However, why did you select Digital Marketing?

Ans. I always had interest in Online Marketing. And, it was clear to me that I have to do something in Digital World. During my MBA, I studied eCommerce marketing which I felt fascinated for and it keeps on intriguing me to know & do Online Marketing exceptionally.

Q3. Digital marketing has become a huge industry, isn’t it? What is your opinion?

Ans. Very true! The entire world comprising most of the circles is becoming digital. By 2020, digital marketers will take the full control of the customer experience. A great impact would be seen!

Q4. Digital marketing at DSIM; why not elsewhere?

Ans. Thinking back, I came across DSIM over the internet while searching for digital marketing training  institutes. Then, decided to attend its Demo class and was really impressed with the way it was delivered; informative and crisp.
The biggest benefit DSIM has brought is that ‘I have become a digital marketer, a much-awaited dream!”

Q5. What do you consider to be the strengths in getting this opportunity?

Ans. Placement assistance by DSIM! The department aids trainees uninterruptedly. They in fact sent my resume to different companies and this helped me to come across multiple opportunities.
In between, I appeared for interview at Value4brand and got placed as an SEO executive.
It is something which I have always longed for, being a digital marketer and starting with such a good company. My whole-hearted thanks to DSIM!

Q6. In what ways do you think that DSIM has made a contribution to your professional growth?

Ans. It was really an amazing time I spent at DSIM. I absolutely loved the course and the way DSIM helped me to move ahead.

DSIM has superb trainers and they are helpful and encouraging. Whenever you’ll need them, they will be available and keen to offer help.

I have also recommended DSIM to my colleagues at present company. I know DSIM teaches brilliantly.

Q7. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. I’ll give 8 for sure!

Q8. What are your personal favorites out of the 17 modules DSIM has taught you?

Ans. SEO, Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Q9. What are your long-run career objectives?

Ans. On prior, I will travel around the digital world and then, would work further to run my own digital marketing agency.

Q10. What have you learnt and would prefer to share with individuals struggling to make a career in this industry?

Ans. Huge opportunities! There isn’t any surprise that the industry is growing at a fast pace and would need more & more skilled professionals in the upcoming years.
The field has become really progressive. With expertise emerging every day, you should keep on developing your digital marketing skills unremittingly.

Q11. Digital Marketing training at DSIM; in fewer words…

Ans. A platform to enhance my skills and an opportunity to learn how to showcase them!

Abhinandan Kumar completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2016.

About DSIM: Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

“DSIM keeps on sending job emails till the time you aren’t placed”- Priyansh Srivastava

An Interview with Priyansh Srivastava, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Manager at StartupED

Read on the complete interview to know his DSIM Review how DSIM’s training program helped him to get this decent job.

Q1. Hi Priyansh! First of all congratulations for getting placed in Startup ED, further tell us why you chose Digital Marketing as your profession?

Ans. Thank you so much! I have been hired as the Digital Marketing Manager at StartupED, all because of DSIM!

I picked digital marketing as nowadays the industry is blossoming exceptionally and my inclination somewhere lies towards online marketing. I really seek interest in learning how things work in Internet Marketing, specifically E-commerce, Pop-up ads, Facebook ads, Social Media Marketing, blogging etc.

Q2. We would like to have a summarized outline of your qualification and earlier work experiences?

Ans. I pursued PGDM in Marketing & Advertising and then, got enrolled into DSIM’s digital marketing training program. I have been working in marketing sphere from last 2 & half years. Earlier I was working at Pindrop Music, as the Social Relationship Manager.

Q3. How did you get this offer and what has been offered to you as the annual package?

Ans. DSIM Training & placement department keeps on providing assistance till the time a trainee isn’t placed somewhere. I got several emails related to job interviews and appearing thereafter, got this offer.

DSIM puts in best of the efforts to deliver maximum of the assistance to the students. Talking of pay, I have been given 3.96 lacs per annum.

Q4. We are really curious to know; ‘Why DSIM over other institutes’?

Ans. DSIM has become a big name in the digital marketing industry. The recommendation came from one of my friends. Further, to clear my doubts I searched DSIM on internet, read reviews and ended up considering it as a great place to learn digital marketing.

Q5. How difficult the interview procedure was and what was asked there? 

Ans. It was a bit; somehow a trial of my knowledge and thanks to DSIM; I was able to make it.

Amid interview, there were questions asked on Digital Marketing, though more on Social Media Strategy. DSIM’s course helped me to learn basics of each & every module and this worked brilliantly.

Q6. DSIM helped you in getting this job; yes or no?

Ans. Definitely Yes! Practical sessions done in classes, step by step assistance by Rawat Sir, a genuine environment to grasp the learning. Of course, DSIM helped me a lot and is still doing in my career.

Q7. Your future plans, what are you looking forward to have?

Ans. I really want to start my own digital marketing agency within next 5-6 years. The purpose means a lot to me.

Q8. A great vision, Priyansh! How was your entire journey with DSIM?

Ans. From the very beginning, my experience at DSIM has been unforgettable.
The trainers and staff have been great, supporting me all the way through. I in person enjoy small batch sizes as it helps you learn peacefully and DSIM met this criterion. They make you learn.

And, it’s no wonder DSIM has already set some benchmarks in the digital marketing training and is successfully delivering topnotch training in digital marketing.

Q9. Where would you position DSIM’s training program, on a scale that has 1-10 points?

Ans. Without giving it a second thought, 8.5 /10.
I want to mention my special thanks to Rajender Rawat Sir for his brilliant guidance and mentorship. One of the best trainers at DSIM!

Q10. It was great talking to you. Before wrapping up, we would like to have your message for young marketers?

Ans. Digital Marketing is for individuals who find within themselves a creative spark and passion for the internet. Digital marketing is a new marketing practice, but exceptionally rewarding.

With shift in the marketing practices these days, massive job opportunities have been created which makes digital marketing industry as one of the best career options for students and professionals these days.

Good Luck, Priyansh!

About DSIM: Delhi School of Internet Marketing is India’s Premier Digital Marketing Training Institute delivering training to professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers, The institute offers an all-in-one advanced digital marketing course in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune all over India. making individuals learn how to do marketing online.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

“DSIM has the best short-term course with long-term results.”- Himanshu Rai

dsim image
An Interview with Himanshu Rai, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and an SEO Executive at ‘Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd.’
Meet Himanshu Rai, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and an SEO Executive at ‘Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd.’, an Internet Marketing Service Company.  Read on the complete interview to know his DSIM review and  what he has to share with us.

Q1. Pleased to have you here Himanshu! Let us know a bit about you. 

Ans. I am an Arts graduate; newer to the world of digital marketing.
After my studies, I got enrolled into digital marketing training program at DSIM. Presently, I am working as an SEO Executive at Saffron Tech, an Internet Marketing Service Company.

Q2. Why digital marketing and Why DSIM, what interested you most that you chose up this career and institute?

Ans. I was interested in doing a short-term course which actually proves to be a good career option. Eventually, I came to know about digital marketing and finding out a great measure of info, made the decision on both, digital marketing and DSIM.

DSIM trainers are really passionate and at all times ready to help you.It's one of the best Digital Marketing institutes in Delhi.

Q3. Did you find DSIM’s training program helpful? If yes, please share the details?

Ans. Of course! I am thankful to DSIM for making me skilled enough and bringing this first-rate opportunity with a good firm.

DSIM Placement cell kept on providing assistance concerning the job options. And, because of their determination, I got this job with a good package.

I truly enjoyed being a part of DSIM.

Q4. What are your thoughts on Digital Marketing?

Ans. Digital marketing is a substantial field with variability of career options. It has become today’s need.  And, the opportunities for Digital Marketing professionals are huge in country right now.

Q5. How has been your journey & experience at DSIM?

Ans. Altogether, it has remained encouraging and cheerful. DSIM has given me my first job; to say it amazingly, has shown me way towards career growth. It has not only imparted educational skills, but a genuine exposure into digital world.

I really want to say thank you to the trainers for being compassionate and assisting me in winning off my career to a good start.

Q6. How would you place DSIM’s training program, on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. I will keep it at 9.

Q7. Your words to individuals looking forward to their careers in digital marketing…

Ans. I suggest you to join DSIM if you really wish to learn digital marketing. This is the best short-term course with long-term results.

Thanks Himanshu! It was really great talking to you.

Monday, 20 February 2017

“DSIM has taught me how to do Digital Marketing- Nitin Kumar”

An Interview with Nitin Kumar, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Co-Founder at ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’’
 Read on this complete interview with DSIM’s Ex-trainee, Nitin Kumar, who has brought ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’, a creative digital marketing ad agency to know his DSIM review. And, you will become familiar with the insights & details of digital sphere.

Q1. Hello Nitin! We welcome you on board. Please introduce yourself to our readers. 

Ans. Thanks! I am Nitin Kumar, a BBA graduate. Earlier I was working at PROPTIGER, a real estate advisor firm as an Executive- Online Marketing Research.
With a plan to start my own venture, I left this job and got enrolled into digital marketing training at DSIM. At present, I am working on my own venture, ‘LETS THINK INTERACTIVE’, a Digital Marketing agency along with one of my friends, Pooja Rohilla.

I also take care of my family business i.e. all stock deal of Gold & Silver.

Q2. Sounds interesting! Could you please let us know your current project in detail?

Ans. Yeah, sure! We have come up with this new format concentrating on ‘Unique Brand Experiences & Targeted Mediums’.
And, have brought forward service like Website Designing & Development, SEO, Social Media Strategy & Communications, and other services.

Q3. Why Digital marketing and afterwards, a digital marketing agency?

Ans. Digital Marketing gives you wings. I always found this stream amazingly interesting seeing the innovativeness and scope it has.
During training at DSIM, I met several people and learnt a lot from them. It all started from there. I always wished to work on my own and made up the choice of LETS THINK INTERACTIVE, after having a great exposure to the sphere.

Q4. As you have talked much of DSIM, why you decided to get enrolled here?

Ans. It was purely because of my friends’ recommendations. Even Pooja, with whom I have started my new venture, she has also pursued the training at DSIM.
I was a bit confused as keeping in mind another option of ‘Digital Vidya’, yet the experience which my loved ones had at DSIM made me to come up here. I attended its demo session and took the decision.
You cannot skip seeing DSIM ads around you.

Q5. Do you think that DSIM training has really helped you in ways? If yes, let us know in details?

Ans. Before joining DSIM, I used to know the term ‘Digital Marketing’. Now, I know how to do it.I always looked for the answers to let me know where to start. DSIM has revealed this thing to me and I seriously don’t have words to say how important this disclosure has proven to me.

Q6. What you feel like on observing the reach this particular marketing approach has developed?

Ans. It energizes your work & day by saying, ‘Push your limits’. Really, it’s a great medium to reach maximum of your customers and for any businesses, clients have the effect. It brings convenience, choices and exploration, altogether.

Q7. How were your experiences of joining DSIM’s advanced digital marketing training program?

Ans. It was great! I learnt that this is also a way that works outstandingly and yes, how people/brands market themselves. A much-suggested name to learn digital marketing!

Q8. Which one do you see as your favorite platform in Digital Marketing?

Ans.  Social Media, without any doubt! A platform which helps you build long-lasting and effective relationships.
Though, you cannot ignore the importance other mediums hold.

Q9. How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. I would love to give 7; discussing trainers, curriculum and the exposure I got sitting amongst entrepreneurs and marketers in my classroom.

Q10. What are your future plans; how you wish to proceed further?

Ans. Whatever I have learnt at DSIM, I essentially wish to bring entire learning into practice. And, I know this is actually needed if I want to achieve big in future. Moreover, I wish to promote my family business through digital media.

Q11. Your message for young individuals who seeks interest towards Digital Marketing?

Ans. A great choice young people! Though, I would request you to focus equally on both, learning and execution. These two go as one.
It was really great talking to you Nitin. Have a great career ahead!
Blog Source: DSIM Blog

Thursday, 9 February 2017

“DSIM’s training helps you get an edge and broad understanding.”- Shilpi Prasad

An Interview with Shilpi Prasad, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and and a PR Consultant with ‘Text 100’
This time we have brought for you, our candid conversation with Shilpi Prasad, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a PR Consultant with ‘Text 100’, an extremely popular global marketing communications agency. Read on the post to know his DSIM reviews and how she carries desirable and impactful communications with & for brands.

Q1. Pleased to have you here Shilpi! Let our readers know about your current profession and work experiences. 

Ans. I am a PR consultant with 12+ years of experience in Communications. I have handled the Marketing and Communication project for big technology names like Microsoft, Cisco, Ericsson, Airtel, Yahoo, Xerox during my career.

I am a post graduate diploma holder in Advertising and Communications, currently working with Text 100, a global marketing communications firm. I have been working here for the past 9 years.

Q2. What were the motivations letting you enter into this sphere?

Ans. The way Digital Media is growing and smartphones are multiplying; it has led to significant changes in Marketing and Communication field. To capture opportunities that are rising because of this growth and to make oneself more relevant, one needs to understand this space as well. And, so I decided to go for this.

Well, this is not a career shift for me but a career progression.

Q3. We got to know why you chose digital marketing, now on top of it, wish to know why DSIM?

Ans. DSIM was recommended by close friends of mine. I was told that we would have the opportunity to learn through practical experiences and so, went for it. You learn maximum in practicality and I experienced the same after coming to DSIM.

Q4. Do you find DSIM’s digital marketing training useful in your career?

Ans. Truly speaking! It has helped me develop an edge over my peers. The Digital Marketing training allowed me to get a broad understanding of the digital industry.

Q5. What you have to say for Digital Marketing as an industry?

Ans. An industry with huge potential! With everything moving towards digitization and Internet & Mobile Penetration growing in India, it will become more and more important.

Q6. Do you use digital marketing to gain benefits in your job? If yes, how it is done and which is your preferred platform?

Ans. Yes a lot of companies for whom I am handling Marketing Communication, require Digital Marketing. We mainly focus on Social Media Marketing and use channels like Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn.

I don’t have any particular favorite. I think all of these channels have their own advantages.

Q7. How has been your experience of attending digital marketing training at DSIM?

Ans. It was a good exposure, especially on some important aspects; SEO, AdWords, Website/Blog Creation etc. I truly wanted to hear more on Affiliate Marketing from Kunal himself as that’s what he is known for. Also, wanted you would have let us know more about the case studies that companies globally have done.

It was though brought to us, yet I wished to keep on enjoying the informative classes for a longer span. DSIM is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India.

Q8. How many points you will give to DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?

Ans.  I will give 7. 

Q9. Your future plans; where do you find yourself within 5 years down the line?

Ans. In the Marketing & Communications field only; leveraging digital marketing better in my profession.

Q10. Your ideal words to young individuals who wish to have a great career ahead.

Ans. Be focused, know what you want and start early on whatever you want to do!

Thanks Shilpi! It was really great talking to you. We wish you all the very best for future.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

“Trainers at DSIM have in-depth subject knowledge”- Saahil Bajaj

An Interview with Saahil Bajaj, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a Social Media Strategist at ‘Wealth Discovery’
Meet Saahil Bajaj, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a Social Media Strategist at ‘Wealth Discovery’, a stock broking company in India.  Read on the post to know his DSIM review and what has been Saahil’s journey & experiences into Digital Marketing and at DSIM.

Q1. Hello Saahil! We are really pleased to start this conversation. Let us know a little about your present job responsibilities & work experience?

Ans. Thank you! I am currently working with ‘Wealth Discovery’ as a Social Media Strategist. Here, I am handling Social Media assignments for BJP, ruling political party. To talk of earlier experiences, I have worked & handled projects of known names, like Yes Bank, organic India, Christian Expo, etc.

Q2. Great! What’s been your qualification?

Ans. Revealing my degree, I am a B.Tech graduate. And, later on pursued Digital Marketing Training at DSIM. The purpose was to get insights of this trending marketing vertical from core.

Q3. Working as a Social Media strategist; the job is really versatile. What you have to say?

Ans. Yeah, true! The responsibilities are actually challenging, yet I am looking forward to explore it much wonderfully. Now, I have become aware with the direction where I need to move forward.

Q4. Why digital marketing; a much-anticipated question for you Saahil?

Ans. It’s been around a year I started working on my own website and I was really confused with how to move further? Without any clue of marketing & promotion, I was looking for help. And, so this course which proved to be my lifeline came into my knowledge. To sum up, I really found a way to bring ideas into execution.

Q5. Why DSIM, what allured you most that you picked up this institute?

Ans. Reliably, I decided to join DSIM’s digital marketing training program with minimal research, For 1 month I was in search of finding a good digital marketing institute and in the process, filled up DSIM’s enquiry form and also, 2-3 of others.  The way DSIM appears in front of you, it says everything about it can give you amid learning. And, so I ended up choosing DSIM and can’t express through words, how satisfied I am post training.

Q6. How did you get this job and what remuneration have you been offered with?

Ans. This opportunity came to me as one of my friends referred my name. Though, it was digital marketing learning at DSIM that helped me to grab this offer. At present, I am getting 25K in hand.

Q7. As you said DSIM’s training program helped you to get the offer, may we know how?

Ans. Yes, without any doubt! The training was really helpful; today I know lots of things that were completely unversed to me 1 year back. And, the abilities which were imparted into me as a marketer are making my journey impactful.

Q8. What is your viewpoint on Digital Marketing as an industry?

Ans.  At present, digital marketing has become a stream of hope & opportunities. To talk of era, you cannot skip over digitalization. Not only private sectors, but Government sectors are also measuring & adapting the digital change.  This industry is seeing an incredible growth taking us closer & closer to Digital India.

Q9. What would you say when recalling your journey & experience at DSIM?

Ans. It was superb! The entire experience was pretty awesome.  Trainers here are really knowledgeable and rule info on modules.  Just to give you a suggestion, even if you decided to increase your fee and can bring deeper insights of each & every module, it would be an incredible step. Also, DSIM can introduce Master courses, so that we could become informed up to the next level.

Q10. What would you prefer to give while rating DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?

Ans. Not less than 8!

Q11. Summing up the entire sessions, we would love to have your message to young fellows looking forward to step into Digital Marketing Industry?

Ans. Just want to say, if you are interested and truly wish to explore this particular stream, this could become a great decision in your career. Because, digital marketing really holds possibilities & chances to scale up your career growth.
Good Luck, Saahil!
Source: DSIM Blog

Thursday, 19 January 2017

“DSIM has become a Digital Marketing Training Brand”- Ujjwal Sinha

An Interview with Ujjwal Sinha, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and now, working as a PPC Consultant at Digitalabs, Noida 
Read on the complete interview to know his DSIM review and how he is moving further to pursue his career in digital marketing, aided by DSIM’s training.

Q1. Hi Ujjwal, let us know your education and career details in short?

 Ans. I completed my MBA in Marketing & HR (2012). Next, got enrolled into digital marketing course at DSIM. At present, I am working with ‘Digitalabs’, a digital marketing agency as a PPC Consultant. Therein, I am handling multiple projects for verticals like- Health Care, Ecommerce, Travel, Education.

Q2. Congratulations for getting this promising job! So, how it feels like?

Ans. If feels great as there is indeed learning and also, I find it as a great platform to showcase my talents & skills.

Q3. Why you stepped into digital  industry?

Ans. Earlier, I was into Offline Marketing, Seeing the increasing importance of online marketing decided to go for it.

Q4. What you found enough to pick DSIM for digital marketing training in Delhi?

Ans. DSIM has become a brand, owing credit to its superb marketing and training delivery. It is one of the best Digital Marketing institutes in India. And, as we all know there are several reasons to go with a brand, I took it in the same way.

Q5. How did you get this job and what remuneration you have been offered with?

Ans. DSIM brings huge numbers of job opportunities to you. With 4 years of experience in total, I was looking out for good opportunities and found this on. When appeared for the interview, it was DSIM’s certification that helped me to finally grab the offer.

Q6. I would request you to share the details of the interview procedure, so that our readers can have an idea?

Ans. There were three rounds in total. First was telephonic with the concerned person, wherein I was tested for the basic knowledge in digital marketing. Further, in 2nd round, I was asked to make the live campaign in AdWords. The last round was with the Director to figure out whether I have detailed knowledge of the subject or not? And, thankfully DSIM’s training helped me to pave the way towards success.

Q7. As you said earlier, DSIM’s training program helped you to grab this offer, how is it so?

Ans. I got enrolled into the course having basic idea of digital marketing. And, today feel proud to say that the training made me informed of digital marketing in a great way.

Q8. Talking of digital marketing, it is now seen as one of the fastest growing industries. What you have to say on this?

Ans.  Yes, it is true and I am undeniably sure with the massive change that Digital Marketing will bring within the next 5-10 years.

Q9. How was your overall training experience at DSIM?

Ans. Largely, it was a good experience. DSIM offers you digital marketing knowledge with career perspective and therefore, you become able to work as a marketer in the sphere. Though, how much you have grasped the knowledge depends upon your interest and interaction shown during classroom sessions.

Q10. How would you rate DSIM’s training program on a scale of 10?

Ans. I have 7 to give for considering the different aspects.

Q11. Your message to young fellows desiring to begin their career in digital marketing!

Ans. It’s really good that individuals are interested to go for digital marketing. However, I would request them to bring their utmost commitment and honest efforts, because the industry asks for these. And, yes, all the best to you people.
Great Thanks, Ujjwal!